Our organisation

In order to deliver best quality services in all our solutions, we have built a team of experts, around two types of roles:


Expert in one or more HR areas

In charge of Client Relationship

Responsible for analyzing client needs so as to design relevant solutions


Operational profiles in charge of delivering HR OPERATIONS services

Support to the HR ADVISORY activities

Trained and experienced on all HR operational activities

Our culture and values

Reliability, team spirit and ENTHUSIASM are the dna of our company and the fundamental values we apply ON A daily BASIS in our interactions with clients.

We are
  • a decision-making help
  • a HR expertise center to rely on
  • an administrative support and HR process facilitator
  • a single point of contact for daily HR questions
  • a support for employers on recurring HR matters (evaluations, salary review, etc)
  • a partner on HR projects
  • a relay of the managerial strategy
  • a company culture prescriber
  • a decision-maker of the HR policy
  • an external provider which makes you dependent


We have deliberatly created a new generation player, at a crossroads between advisory, outsourcing and events-management, with a brand imaging at best our different expertises and nowadays challenges. Born from the association of the words “Talent” and “Antlers”, our brand name mirrors our service offer articulated around 2 coexisting practices, which respond to each other but remain genuinely different. Furthermore, while after 3 industrial revolutions we used the term of aggregated payroll, then human ressources before human capital, employers as well as employees would rather today use the term: Talents. Nevertheless, this paradigm shift raises the question of the relevant level of individualism in the global management of ressources in line with the objectives and constraints of a modern company.

“But why Antlers?”. Human sciences have proven that use of metaphors fosters human-being to show more interest to a given topic by reduicing its complexity. In the case at stake, antlers of our deer friends have another interesting caracteristic: helping us present our offer of services for the management of individual and collective Talents.

For talents

As an example, antlers are used by deers as a tracking system to move, as talents are used as markers to join a community or as a compass when we get confused – “which one of my talents allowed me to part of this group?” “on which of my talents can I count on when I am profesionnally lost?”

All along the deer life, antlers tend to regularly fall down to regenerate and grow each time stronger – “ To what extent did I notice this phenomenon when I look back my career path?”.

Sometimes, the deer intentionally drops antlers – “did I already drop my antlers to challenge and develop myself ?”

For Companies

When antlers fall down, only agility and group can temporarily protect the animal against its environment – “What are the actions implemented by the organisation to daily take care of its employees on a long-run?”

Furthermore, antlers color depends on the deer environment – In market that attracts Talent from different horizons, the following question can be raised “how a same experience in different countries or cultures is addressed during a recruitment process?”.

Finally, antlers are also a “seduction tool” – “How do I promote my Talents in my organisation to make my employer brand an asset and attract new profiles?”

All these questions are nowadays at the core of our personal and collective concerns. Curious about our approach: let’s meet!